Frantic, unorganised and stressed

How do I start this I don't know. About 5 weeks ago I started to see Karen about a range of things that make my life frantic, unorganised and very stressful. I was, a little sceptical, but thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain if I sat for a few minutes and listened to Karen.

I can not believe what a difference it has made. I have regained time back in my week, time for our three amazing children, my house is starting to get some semblance of order to it. I can see things more clearly and am no longer afraid to make suggestions that will change the way we do things. I used to just assume that it couldn't or wouldn't work. Much to my pleasant surprise the kids and my husband have thrived on the changes. I can't wait to see Karen now for my visits, I feel like she has given me my life back and much much more.

I don't know how to thank her - it has meant the world to me.

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