Trauma Release - Clearing Limitations

Watch the video testimonial of Sue as she speaks of her experience.


Historical Trauma

Please listen to a testimonial of Rheeshe:


Overcoming my fears

Read about how Christoper Goh has overcome his condition called “Batophobic” meaning a fear of being inside a very tall building where there is a vast open space makes that made him extreme anxious.

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Grief therapy

Thank you for your support during my recent sessions with you in  dealing with my feelings of grief.

On every occasion after seeing you I  experienced a deeper sense of calm. I feel I have been able to progress from a profound sadness to a sense of recognising that I will be able  to cope and that it is not necessary to try to go it alone but that to seek assistance is a wise and appropriate action.

Your approach is welcoming and your techniques are relaxing and supportive. Each visit has been a very positive experience and I feel I have gained good strategies for the present and for the future.

Again, thank you. I may see you in the future, but for the moment I will build on the strength you have allowed me to discover.

Imbalance of neuro-chemicals in brain

I went to Karen in desperation, after my GP had attributed  my sleep difficulties to an imbalance of neuro-chemicals in my brain and he prescribed a huge dose of antidepressants.

I was also seeing a psychologist for many years to help deal with marriage issues and issues from my childhood, so I was well aware that I had symptoms of depression however my gut told me that taking the pills was the opposite of what I should do.

Unfortunately my doctor wouldn't listen, and I left my GP of two years feeling frustrated, devalued, and most of all disempowered. I had heard of a friend who had lost weight because of Hypnosis and decided to give Karen a call. We have only had about 6 sessions, and after only two my sleep improved, and I had quit caffeine altogether (used to have 5 cups a day).

Now, I feel like I have the confidence to take control of my own happiness, and that it is actually achievable to live a life where I am more than ' just coping." I also see that before I was  stressed most of the time. Nothing really made as big a difference as the hypnosis has done, and although I am still on my journey to healing, I now look  forwards to it with hope and positivity.

I laugh more, the kids and my husband have benefitted and I am even thinking of finally doing things at work and in my personal life I would never have dreamed of trying before.  I cannot thank Karen enough, not just for the gains in hypnosis, but also for her, kind, honest compassionate, and approachable personality. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to empower themselves in their desire for inner happiness.

Thanks again Karen!


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