Weight Reduction & Hypnosis

Hypnosis can enable you to find the motivation to shed those unwanted kilo's.  Included in any weight reduction appointment is a comprehensive plan developed for you, including a strategy for exercise, suggestions for dietary changes, motivation tools such as CD's, and other self help tools to ensure your success.

Feeling empowered and on your way to your goal we can offer you a tailored plan.  Visits can be scheduled  for  weekly, fortnightly or even monthly sessions to keep you on track.  Generally we develop the motivation and introduce positive changes over three consecutive visits, then move to fortnightly sessions, until your goal is achieve.  During this time we identify issues that can sometimes slow you down.  Hypnosis and NLP are used to ensure any obstacle to achieving your goal is dealt with so you can achieve your desired shape and size.  Included in the plan are ideas for healthy eating options and exercise strategies are integrated into the program.  All strategies are dependent on the capabilities of the individual.  Being supported and empowered through coaching and hypnosis enables you to really begin to enjoy moving towards your optimum healthy lifestyle and desired weight.  

Each program is individually tailored to the client.  Food & exercise journals may be used, healthy recipes provided, exercise suggestions, support for  nutritional changes and an understanding of what makes you achieve, helps to ensures your success.

Hypnotherapy helps you to discover how much easier it is to move towards your desired shape and size to good health and simply make it part of your lifestyle. 

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