About Karen

Credentials & Qualifications

  • Karen Verrall Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences (WA) 
  • Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy (91542NSW)
  • CHt. Practitioner NLP (91542NSW)
  • Master Practitioner HNLP
  • Advanced Diploma Hypnosis, NLP & Psychotherapy (91475NSW)
  • Clinical Member Australian Hypnotherapists' Association
  • Professional Member ACHA
  • Member International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Assn.

After studying for many years I realised we can give a lot of advice, provide solutions to the sick and offer suggestions to the ailing, but still some people choose not to change, OR JUST BE UNABLE TO, finding is difficult and not know where to start. They appear to be stuck in a loop continuing with the same behaviour patterns unable to change them.  

I became fascinated by why we choose the paths we do, some successful and some to our detriment. 

My answers did not come through the main stream studies of Psychology and Nutritional Medicine, although I did learn a great deal. My answers came from taking a non judgemental approach and using compassion to discover the perception of each individual's map of their world (NLP).

Using hypnosis and NLP I discovered that each person holds the resources within themselves to move to what is right for them, without any bias from me. I began to understand that we hold our answers to our own problems. We each have the resources to make changes to improve our situations, and only our own mind knows what it is that we require to change. I began to see how truly unique each individual is, with their own views and experiences creating their own perception of the world, no two the same. By acknowledging each person's uniqueness I am excited to help to find the answers through hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Some people just don't know where to begin and many just have lost the motivation.... that is where I can help you to be the best you can be, and help you have the life you desire.....

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